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Murderous Meladrama

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The Books & Beyond club at the Clearwater Public Library and the Clearwater Senior Center put on the Interactive Dinner Theatre, “Murderous melodrama”.  We had 75 people at the program and raised over $900.00 to split for Books & Beyond toward our Geek Con coming in October and for chairs at the Senior Center.  thank you to all that participated.  We had a ball!


The word for loving the smell of old books is “Bibliosmia”.  Similar to carbon-dating, scientists can analyze the chemicals responsible for “old book smell” to determine the age of a book.  The process is called “material degradomics”.


Speaking of “Smells”, be sure to follow the delicious smell at the Clearwater Senior Community Center at around 1PM on April 13th where one of our teens will be doing his part for the “Cook Booking”.