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Murderous Meladrama

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The Books & Beyond club at the Clearwater Public Library and the Clearwater Senior Center put on the Interactive Dinner Theatre, “Murderous melodrama”.  We had 75 people at the program and raised over $900.00 to split for Books & Beyond toward our Geek Con coming in October and for chairs at the Senior Center.  thank you to all that participated.  We had a ball!

Spring Break is Over

Hope all had a relaxing Spring Break.  Now it is time to get back into things.  Remember that the Clearwater Public Library has Lego Land every Tuesday after school until 4:30PM and Story time every Thursday at 10:30AM.  Beginning on April 1 there will be an Easter contest.  A small rubber duck reading a book will be hidden somewhere in the public area of the library.  If you spot the duck please do not move it but tell the Librarian and then you can put your name and contact information in the box.  A name will be drawn, the winner contacted and announced Good Friday (April 14th).  The prize is two one time free admission to Botanica in Wichita.  While you are here for the Art Walk on April 7th you can look for the Reading Rubber Duck!  If you come to the Art Walk do not forget to put your name and contact information in the box to try your luck at winning two (2) passes to The Wichita Music Theatre (more art!), only at the Library.


Did you know that Reading makes you happier and healthier?  Great books help you understand and they help you feel understood.  Your parents always told you that reading had its benefits; but, it turns out that those benefits go way beyond learning (and keeping you out of their hair).  Reading is able to reduce stress and readers show a remarkable tendency to be happier and healthier than non-readers.  That is according to research put together by Raphael Lysander.  There are physical benefits (like a lower heart rate) and mental/emotional benefits (like increased empathy).  Read – after all, it is good for you.


Clearwater Public Library – Check Us Out!



A big “Congratulations” to the Clearwater “Battle of the Books” team.  I was honored to help out at the competition last week.  The community should be very proud of the students and all the volunteers.  Way to go!  The Clearwater Public Library is busy finding, cataloguing and marking the Accelerated Reader books in our collection.  If you think a book is AR and we do not have it marked, please let us know.  This is a HUGE undertaking so please be patient with us.


Every economic crisis the first response is often to cut funding to culture.  But the dismantling of libraries or changing their nature is not simply a matter of economics.  Libraries are not only repositories of society’s memory and symbols of its identity but often the heart of social centers.  Do you realize what books can do?  Books can show us our responsibilities toward one another, help us question our values and undermine our prejudices, lend us courage and ingenuity to continue to live together, and give us enlightening words that allow us to imagine better times.  Books entertain and inform.  According to the Greek historian Didodorus Siculus, one of the ancient libraries he saw in Egypt carried above its entrance the words: “Clinic of the Soul.”  Isn’t it time that You Check out the local public library?