February 17, 2018 @ 10:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Clearwater Public Library

Author Jared Vaughn will do a writing workshop to help with this at the Clearwater Public Library on February 17 at 10:30am

Do you have a story just waiting to be told? The time is now! We’re looking for short stories to include in an upcoming book. Let’s see your talent!

1. This is open to all ages. Submit as many stories as you want in any genre.
2. All stories must be typed and printed. Keep a copy for yourself. Turn them in to your local library by April 1st. The book release is tentatively scheduled for June.
3. All submissions must include your name and contact information.
4. Story length can vary, but still should be considered a “short” story. If the story is long
enough to fill its own book, then it will not qualify for this project. Poetry and other forms of writing do not qualify. While writing in all its forms is always encouraged, this project is
strictly a collection of short stories.
5. All stories must be original. Stories previously published {including online) will not be
considered. No fanfiction or other use of trademarked names and products.
6. Part of the mission of Time Honored Productions is to provide quality, positive
entertainment for all ages. Story content should be family-friendly in keeping with this policy.
7. In the event of receiving more stories than would be feasible for a short book, some
stories may be held back for a future release at the publisher’s discretion. You will be notified to discuss this option.
8. This book will be sold online, at conventions, and other possible methods. It is your
choice to use your given name or a pen name.
9. Writers of the selected stories will receive a free copy of the book and $25 per story
published. This will transfer rights to Time Honored Productions. This form MUST be signed and turned in with your story to show agreement with these terms. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign as well.